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Save your planet and save money

When you recycle 85% of water, you not only save your planet, you also save money. Greywater makes up 60% of all our wastewater discharged into the sewers, but it is perfect for in-house recycling and reuse. Instead of losing it, with a Hydraloop you can reuse it! The system pays for itself. ROI is dependent on the cost of water and sewage tax, if related to water consumption, in your region.

About Hydraloop


At Hydraloop we are committed to inspire people to save water & energy by offering smart and affordable water recycling products. We believe that water recycling should become a standard item in every single home, just like a fridge, oven or washing machine.


Due to climate change, pollution and a world population growth of 26% in the coming 30 years, the need for all of us, to recycle and reuse water, our most precious resource, is most urgent.


Our vision

Our world is running out of its most precious and fundamental resource, so we have to react on the way we use water. At Hydraloop we have a vision that in 20 years’ time no house will be built without its own greywater recycling system 


Our solution

We have created the Hydraloop, a smart innovative and certified domestic grey water recycling system, that saves water and energy by recycling 85% of domestic water without the use of filters, membranes or chemicals.


The Hydraloop is stylish, fully automatic, user friendly, self-cleaning, has low maintenance and comes with a handy smartphone app.  The recycled water is clean, clear, save, certified and can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden and swimming pool. It is an accessible in-house water recycling system that enables people to save water, energy and money, without losing comfort of living that contributes to a more sustainable planet.


International patents are granted and other patents are pending.

Just Imagine...

4.5 billion people waste 57.487.500.000.000 litres

of drinking water a year

flushing their lavatories

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