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The water from the shower, bath and washing machine gets collected into the Hydraloop. Hydraloop uses a unique patented water treatment technology. Ordinary systems use filters or membranes to treat the water, which clog and need regular maintenance. The patented Hydraloop technology - that is the heart of the system - removes dirt, soap and other pollution without using a filter. The treatment systems combines 5 technologies to remove dirt, soap and other particles from the water; Sedimentation, Flotation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Enforced Skimming and an Aerobic Bioreactor. The 6th technology, which is the final treatment, is disinfection using UV light.


Hydraloop automatically cleans itself regularly without you having to do anything. Because of this, maintenance requirements are low. The water quality Hydraloop offers is clean, clear and safe and certified to meet the most stringent international standards. Hydraloop only uses 20 Watts electricity during treatment, resulting to ± 200 KwH per year


International patents are granted.

Shower water before and after Hydraloop treatment


As a special feature Hydraloop Xtra offers owners to decide and prioritise for which purpose they want to use their Hydraloop water. You can setup Hydraloop Xtra to first supply reuse water for lavatory flushing and for the washing machine. However in summer you could change your setting to irrigating your garden first. In areas where topping up your swimming pool with mains water is not allowed, you may wish to switch your Hydraloop Xtra to top up your swimming pool first. The remainder of the cleaned reuse water can then be used for lavatory flushing or your washing machine. All this will be done completely automatically based on the settings you make in your Hydraloop App.


Hydraloop has many safety system checks, 24 hours a day. All important components within the Hydraloop system are monitored and in case of abnormal behavior of a component, the system automatically switches to mains water and sends a caution message to you and your dealer. 


Smartphone App

Every Hydraloop system comes with built-in hardware and software, which continuously monitors and controls the system. It is connected to your home wifi network. The system works completely automatic, without user intervention, but if you like, you can optimize water saving by checking your App. With the Hydraloop Xtra the App also makes it possible to choose which priority you give to the recycled water.

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We at Hydraloop are committed to inspire people to save water and energy by offering smart and affordable recycling products. We believe that water recycling should become a standard item in every single home, just like a fridge, oven or washing machine.


Installing the Hydraloop system is easy in new built houses and apartments and as part of a home renovation. It is very well possible to install Hydraloop in existing homes, but ease is depending on your personal situation. The drawing shows an example for a 2-story family house with a bathroom upstairs and a bathroom and a washing machine on the ground floor, and a garden and pool. Your dealer knows exactly how to install Hydraloop in your house and can make a project drawing for you. If you don’t have a dealer in your area yet, please send us an email and we will find an installer close to where you live.

Installation overview




Average recycled water quality:

Noise level:



80 cm (31,5 in) wide, 34 cm (13,4 in) deep, 187 cm (74 in) high


100/240 Volt, 24 Volt internal

20 Watts during treatment

Expected power consumption +200kWh/year


CBOD5 (mg/L) < 10

TSS (mg/L) < 10

Turbidity (NTU) <  5

E. coli (MPN/100ml) < 14

PH (SU) 6.0 – 9.0

±44 dB


The Hydraloop unit needs to be connected with an internal wifi-network





Průměrná kvalita recyklované vody:

Hladina hluku:



80 cm šířka, 34 cm hloubka, palce hluboký, 


100/240 voltů, 24 V interních

20 wattů během procesu čištění

Očekávaná spotřeba energie za rok ± 200kWh


CBDO5 (mg/L) < 10

TSS (mg/l) < 10

Zákal (NTU) – 5

E. coli (MPN/100ml) < 14

PH (SU) 6,0 – 9,0

±40 dB


Hydraloop musí být připojen k interní wifi síti


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